Definition and Scope of Catholic Culture

Catholic Culture: Inspiration for Salvation

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Definition and Scope of
Catholic Culture

We preach Christ crucified, a scandal to people of the Old Covenant and folly to all other peoples
There is no Christian without Jesus
The Face of God
Holy Name of Jesus
Don’t let evil defeat you, but defeat evil with good
Liturgy and culture

Wroclaw, Poland, the capital of Polish Silesia proud of its Roman Catholic past, present and future


Vocazione di san Matteo - Powołanie św. Mateusza  - The Calling of St. Matthew

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, O.C.D. Roman Catholic nun, Virgin and Martyr
How Edith Stein, a rebellious Jewish girl raised in Wroclaw
became a saint patroness of Europe and of World Youth Day

Ślęża - Maryjna Góra Pokoju
Sleza - The Marian Mountain of Peace
Sleza - La Montagna Mariana della Pace
Sleza - Mariánská Hora Míru
Sleza - Die Marian Berg des Friedens
Слеза - Марийная Гора Мира

Stations of the Cross Droga Krzyżowa Křížová cesta Kreuzweg
Przełęcz Tąpadła - Szczyt Ślęży

The Multiannual Wroclaw Festival of Integrity of the Human Person. dedicated to St John Paul II
Motto: Time for Enlightenment in Europe

Definition and Scope of Catholic Culture


(12-19 JANUARY 2015)


Papal Flight
Monday, 19 January 2015

"Papa Francesco: Colonization ideological: I will say just one example, I've seen. Twenty years ago, in 1995, a Minister of Education had asked for a loan to make strong building schools for the poor. Have given the loan on the condition that in schools there was a book for children of a certain level. It was a textbook, a book prepared well educationally, which taught the theory of gender. This woman needed the loan money, but that was the condition. Foxy said yes and also did do another book, and gave the two (books) and so was able ... This is the ideological colonization: come into a people with an idea that has nothing to do with the people; yes, with groups of people, but not with the people, and colonize the people with an idea that changes or want to change a mindset or a structure. During the Synod the African bishops complained of this, which is the same as for certain loans (you require) certain conditions. I say only this that I've seen. Why do I say "ideological colonization"? Why take, take just the need of a people or the opportunity to come and be strong, for (half of) the children. But this is nothing new. So have the dictatorships of the last century. Came with their doctrine. Think of the Balilla, think of the Hitler Youth. They colonized the people, they wanted to do it. But how much suffering. The people should not lose their freedom. The nation has its own culture, its history; every people has its own culture. But when the conditions imposed by the colonizers empires, try to lose their identity to the people and make a equality. This is the globalization of the sphere: all points are equidistant from the center. And the true globalization - I like to say this - not the ball. It is important to globalize, but not as the sphere, but as the polyhedron, namely, that every people, every part, retains its identity, its being, without being colonized ideologically. These are the "ideological colonization". There is a book, sorry, but I do advertising, there is a book that perhaps the style is a little 'heavy at first, because it is written in 1903 in London. It is a book that ... at that time this writer has seen this drama of colonization ideological and describes it in that book. It's called "The Lord of the Earth" or "The Lord of the World", one of the two. The author is Benson, written in 1903, but I recommend you read it. Reading what you'll understand well what I mean by "ideological colonization". This is the first question. Second, I wanted to say that Paul VI? It is true that openness to life is a condition of the sacrament of marriage. A man can not give the sacrament to the woman and the woman to give it to this point if you are not in agreement, to be open to life. So much so that, if you can prove that this or that was married with the intention of not being open to life, the marriage is void, is the cause of nullity of marriage, no? Openness to life, no? Paul VI has studied this with a commission, how to help so many cases, so many problems, major problems that make the love of family. Problems everyday. Many, many, no ?, but there was something more. The rejection of Paul VI was not only to personal problems, on which will later say confessors to be merciful and understanding situations and forgive or be compassionate, understanding, no? But he looked at the neo-Malthusianism universal that was going on. And as this is called neo-Malthusianism? Eh, it's less than 1% of the level of births in Italy, the same in Spain. That neo-Malthusianism which sought control of humanity by the powers. This does not mean that Christians must have children in series. I scolded a few months ago a woman in a parish because she was pregnant after seven eighth cesarean. "But she wants to leave seven orphans?". This is groped God. There is talk of responsible parenthood. That is the way: responsible parenthood. But what I wanted to say was that Paul VI was not a backlog [outdated], a closed. No, he was a prophet, who told us with this: beware of the neo-Malthusianism that is coming. What I meant. Thank You."